Basics of Your Online Business

It’s really been strange over the years listening to people wanting to earn online but yet they are looking for the BIG RED EASY BUTTON and that does now exist.  Having run an offline business for more than 25 years and online business for more than 10 years – I want to explain what I feel is the Basics of Your Online Business.

It’s sad listening to people complain about not making any money but yet when you ask them some questions and find out that they are not really treating what they are doing like a business.  So I’m going to run through some of the basics that I think anyone reading this and wanting  to earn online needs to hear.

Think about it – in the offline world if you wanted to earn money and have your own business – what would you do first – you would need a NAME, building, budget for the utilities, budget for advertising, inventory, customers, etc. – you get the idea

Now keep this in mind with your online business and the NAME – that is your domain name of your business.  How do YOU want people to find YOU  you could buy the domain of and become a blogger.  If you want to invest in a script and have a traffic exchange, mailer, safelist, etc. then you need to still get your domain name.

You bought domain and now what – well you need to get your site out on the internet and this is no different than paying for a building for your offline business – see I relate the online this way – you need HOSTING – your online building

Now that you have your building you have to have a budget for the utilities and in my “zaney” mind – to me that was the autoresponder, tracker, etc.  As you are growing your business you need a way to talk to your members (customers) and you need to a way to track what is working for you – otherwise you are just throwing money out the door.

Talking about budget for advertising, I don’t know if you have ever dealt with offline advertisers but ads are prime real estate with the prices they charge,  This is where graphics come in for your site and where you are going to advertise.

AND if you think that having your own business is rolling in money – think again and thus the reason for this article.  If you are serious about having your own business, then you need to have money to invest in YOUR business.

Without these things you are going to be one of the people wondering WHY I’m not earning.  Remember this is just my way of looking at things but if you want to earn online these are things that you need to think about.

ONE more thing as I’m see that I’m getting long winded – you have your business open for business – don’t just open the doors and expect people to flood in without getting the word out AND don’t leave the doors open and never be around.

OK ONE more thing – people want to see the owner, they want to get to know you and see that you are serious about your business.  So take the time to update the default pages that came with your script – otherwise your members are just going to think this is same ole same ole.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is not something you ignore – this is how you build that relationship with your members.  Bottom line, you are going to have to learn to wear many hats and some can handle it but if you think you can’t then maybe you should just become a shopper (affiliate) and yes offline people do earn money for just being a shoppers.

Hope this opens some eyes and you – ONLY YOU – have to decide do you really want an online business.  Remember online businesses are open 365 days a year – 24/7


14 thoughts on “Basics of Your Online Business

  1. What an OUTSTANDING article Nancy!
    We were talking about this very subject yesterday on the Mardox broadcast.
    You hit so many very important points right on the head!
    Thank you for such an outstanding post!

  2. An authentic guide for all those that really want to run an online business! Simple things that people tend to ignore or at least thinking not very important.
    Thank you for this excellent article!

  3. Excellent topic Nancy. It is a real shame that people fall into the trap of looking for that Red Easy Button. So many programs make it sound like that success will come easy and with little effort. As most of us know, It is not simple and take much hard work.

    People Pogo Stick Through Cyberspace, jumping from one program to another without really giving a programs any real effort over a period of time.

    Keep up the good work!

    • This is so true and love the Pogo Stick Through Cyberspace and I see so many doing that and then wonder why they are not earning

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Great article my friend! I have been trying to tell people this very thing for years – an ONLINE business is no different than having an OFFLINE brick and mortar business. The only difference between the two is the location, but everything else is the same. You are right – people need to advertise and let people get to know them, like them, and trust them before customers will do business with you. I learned when I was very young that the MOST important part of any business is providing excellent Customer Service, and knowing that your customer should always be your #1 priority. Without your customers you do not have a business – so the better you treat them the more loyal they will be to you.

    Personally I think the #2 thing any business owner should be concerned with is advertising/promoting THEIR business – this alone is a full time job! Just like you said Nancy a business runs 365 days a year 24/7, and you need to keep your name and face out there on a consistent basis if you want your business to grow. Too many people online either do not understand this concept or they are just too lazy and do not want to work that hard. We would all love to sit back on easy street and let the money roll on in all by itself, but unfortunately that is not how the real world works, and NOTHING in life is FREE! By the way, a consistent basis does not mean you advertise every once in a while when you feel like it, and only do it at one or two places when you do decide to promote.

    Here’s a shocker folks – that BIG RED EASY BUTTON DOES NOT EXIST! So, roll up your sleeves and put some elbow grease, as my Dad use to say, into your business – and stop trying to chase every new shiny program that comes around promising you millions in the next 30 days! Honestly how many programs have promised you that, you joined, and you have received exactly what they said you would? NONE! NADA! ZIP! ZERO! Get the picture yet?!

    Thanks for another great post Nancy as always!

  5. Hi, Nancy. Great post! It’s just like any business. You need to get people to know like and trust you. It’s all very important. Customer support – Daily! Treat your customers like gold. 🙂

  6. Great post, Its amazing how many support tickets I get asking for advice on how to make thousands by next weekend 🙁

    People think this is where everyone becomes a millionaire, although it should also be noted that if you get it right you can make a lot of money doing this.

    • Thanks Steve and yep we are so spoiled with the instant of the things online that I can see how people would think that money should be that way too but it’s not

  7. Grest post Nancy, I am not an owner, just an affiliate for now but it is nice and reasuring to read this recomendations for online business hsndlers experienced or new

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