6 thoughts on “Spring Clean Up

  1. Its not spring for me Nancy, winter is here but like you say things have slowed down a little and it is still a great time to snuggle up and do some online work. Good luck with your cleaning, I know my emails need checking as I’m terrible with my mailer one.

    • Thanks for the comment – Well I have spent 3 days working on my folders and it seems endless but I will get there 🙂

  2. Great post Nancy and yes most important to improving our lost income to the right columns lol.

    Three days huh? Scaring me but you are sooo right.
    Autoresponder mails get old fast with the way the net changes so it is reasonable
    we need to stay on top of them too. Now that is scary.

    I have sooo much work to do on my folders. Oh, if you have some extra time …..


    • Thanks Fran and it’s been interesting to see the amounts that are going into the trash – last nite I have over 200,000 and let that one empty while I went to bed so yes it’s been a challenge but sure needed to be done and I can see light at the end of the tunnel yeahhhhhhhh

  3. Hi Nancy, this is an awesome topic. It is a constant battle to keep our email accounts cleaned up. I have lots of folders and that is a chore to keep up with. You are inspiring me to go clean up some folders.

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