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Over the years as I have been doing internet marketing, I see that most people don’t utilize all the resources out there for advertising and promoting and there is one that is so overlooked.  Text Ads are the most unused resource out there and I’m here to tell you Text Ads Work.

First of all what is a text ad – it is a form of online paid advertising that is typically just text with a link to your site and copy with a description of the promotion one is offering.
Examples at the bottom that have worked for me.

While owning a variety of sites such at traffic exchanges, mailers, paid to click and yes even text ad exchanges – I watch as members complain that this site don’t work or that site don’t work and me being the person that I am – go look in their account to see what they are doing and do you know most of the time here is what I see.  The ones that I don’t hear from are the ones that are taking advantage of all their resources.

In the TE’s most have only added one site because they were required to add a site to be able to surf – they have not added any banners, text ads, square banners – all those advertising resources just sitting there. In the mailers, PTC, and yes even the text ad exchanges I see the same thing.

Well for you that are members of Zaney Clicks know that I teach members about text ads – they are taught to watch them by a game that is played each week at Zaney.   Also, at Zaney we even have a promo each Sunday where I feature a site and the members have to go to that site and find a code in that site’s text ad to also teach them how to pay attention to text ads.

Watching the stats from the sites, I know text ads work and here is another example.  One of my active upline sent me a link saying that I know you like text ads – check this site out and let me know what you think.

Trusting my upline, I joined and I will let this banner show my results so far

They say that a picture speaks louder than words – well I guess this will tell you how much that I like the site.  AND I know the next question – yes I have been paid already and working toward the next payout as I will tell you a little secret about this site.

Everyone that loves paid to clicks – well this is extra bonus with this site – you get paid for clicking other members  ADS and get this you even get paid each time your referral logins.

Now for all of you that are trying to learn to mend the gap between you and your upline this would be a great place to start – this site makes it easy to contact your downline (referrals)  – as an upgraded member I can contact them 3 times a week – free members can once a week.  You can also tell if they are active from your commission page  – this is an awesome site for earning, promoting and great teaching tool.

What are you waiting for – here is YOUR opportunity for me to show you Text Ads work

Examples of text ads

Discover How To Instantly EXPLODE Your Sales
Letting the cat out of the bag
Service is our Strength
Tried and Tested for Results
Pawsitively Purrfect

Gold nugget – make a notepad file of text ads when you are surfing, clicking emails, clicking at the PTC sites – I pick out ones that caught my eye and made me click to fine out more and track, track, track your results so you know which ones work

6 thoughts on “Text Ads Work

  1. guilty as charged! although that’s about to change, millions upon millions about to be unleashed. If people have forgotten me, they’re about to get a reminder LOL

    this is fab advice Nancy, thank you. One other thing I’ve also found works really well in text ads is to use my name as well. eg Paul Kinder loves…, Paul Kinder hates…, Paul Kinder uses…., Paul Kinder said what!, Paul Kinder is a…, that kinda thing.

    you just got commissions too. Thanks for the tip!

    • Thanks Paul for the comment and so nice to see you back getting in full swing again – you were not forgotten

      WOW thanks for the commissions – maybe I should do a follow up that Blogging Works (wink)

  2. Text ads do work. I totally agree. There have many times I saw a text ad which peeked my curiosity and I had to click to find out what the text ad was advertising.
    Another key component of using text ad is “branding”. If you are a site owner, the more a prospect or member sees your site name, well the better they will remember it or even think I need to login there today.
    Using text ads is just smart marketing.

    • Thanks Cathy and I agree on the text that peaks my interest and it’s amazing how many times I never dreamed that was what it was advertising – excellent on the key component – I guess I am so hooked on text ads that I could went on and on but then happened to glanced at my word count so knew I better hush up lololol

  3. Nice post Nancy!
    So right on target. Wouldn’t it be nice if they gave us some
    feedback on why they do not take up our recommendations?

    Would sure improve the need to keep explaining and hoping
    they listen in.

    Have a great day!

    • Well you know the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can force them to drink – I just try and work with the ones that are willing and move on.

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