Prepare – are you ready?

prepareWell finally I can set at this desk long enough to get this post done as I have been wanting to do this for awhile now.  Most of us don’t like to think about this but I do feel that it’s one that everyone should think about Prepare – are you ready?

Most of you know that I have been having health issues and was scheduled to have my thyroid out and was told this was a 24 hours in the hospital and back home.  WRONG, well at least for me.  My 1 day turned into 9 days and when you have an online business you know that you are open 24/7 and 365 days of the year.  Did you prepare – are you ready to be gone from your business that long?

Luckily, preparations were made and things went somewhat smooth – the site stayed afloat, new members joined and I didn’t run out of credits while I was gone.  Lot of times I hear people talk about all the credits that they have built up and this is ONE time that I was glad that I had and had them assigned.

Now for the unexpected?  Prepare – are you ready?  This one took me off guard as I was not as prepared for this one as I went into ER thinking they would give me something for the pain and send me home – wow I was sure surprised to hear that I was going to have to have emergency surgery and this time have my gallbladder removed.

sickcat2The reason that I’m explaining all this as this happened just 36 days later that I was back in for a 2nd surgery and why I want everyone to Prepare and get yourself ready as you really don’t know when things like this can happen.

When emergencies strike and they will and do – Prepare – are you ready?

6 thoughts on “Prepare – are you ready?

  1. Happy to hear you are starting to feel better Nancy. I’m so glad that your emergency trip to ER turned out to be your gallbladder and they were able to address it so quickly for you. Sometimes it seems you can plan and prepare and still be caught off by the unexpected. You and your health are number one always and I’m sure most members understand about the business and care more about you. Here is to a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!!

  2. What a sobering post Nancy.

    First of all, I’m glad you are doing OK and feeling better.
    This is an area that many of us probably have not thought much about.
    Thanks for sharing this personal information with all of us.
    Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks John and I know before all this happened that I really didn’t think much about it as at the time I thought I was superwoman lololol I sure found out quickly that I’m not

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