One Day One Step At A Time

quote-big-achievements-come-one-small-advantage-at-a-time-one-step-at-a-time-one-day-at-time-jim-rohn-92-98-79So often I’m asked how do I get this done and that done and how do I keep up with the things that I do.  Well my answer is very simple one day one step at a time.

Thru the years,  the key to all this falling into place is still simple – find something that you love doing and everything else falls into place.  Is it hard work?  Well I have to answer that with two answers – yea and no.

No I didn’t loose my mind – if you define hard work as long hours, showing up daily, and keep going because you believe in what you are doing then my answer is yes.  But on the other hand – if you find something you love doing, something that the more you do – the more you want to do and you dream about all the things you want to do – then my answer is no.

Keeping this in mind, sometimes a day can get overwhelming and lot of times will not go in the direction that you expected when you started out. So that is why I just keep taking one day one step at a time.

So when you feel like you are stuck in life, you don’t have the energy to keep trying or you are being discouraged by others – hang in there – take one day one step at a time – you will get there.


6 thoughts on “One Day One Step At A Time

    • Thanks John and yes I even have to step back and take a look at what I’m doing and where I’m going to get back on focus

  1. Good Post Nancy.

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, had been my guide since the first time I came on the net.

    If you don’t learn to slow down and take life one step at a time, you will never catch up with yourself let alone your dreams.

    Overwhelm and frustration can be a good part of the journey IF you learn why and how to overcome them. Sort of life’s challenges.

    Are we up to it? Time will tell.

    • Well as you know I love quotes and they are a good medicine for me and why I put them in my Daily Mails at Zaney Clicks. So many members comment on them and ask how I found the right one to add – perfect timing – to be honest most of them are for me also.

      Life if full of ups and down and quite a roller coaster ride – to some it can be scary but if you learn to slow down with each up you will find that you can fly thru the downs and that can be a thrilling ride

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for a great post and reminder! This is something that I live by because that is really all we can do – take things one day at a time and one step at a time. When we try to do more than that things always manage to get messed up, or we spin our wheels thinking we are getting a lot done, but in the end we have accomplished nothing. I have had those days before, and then at the end of the day I felt terrible because I didn’t accomplish anything that I set out to.

    If we keep in mind how a baby is from the time it is born, and how they learn to do things, we will always remember to take things one step at a time and one day at a time. Babies take little baby steps as they grow – first they turn over, then they try to sit, then to stand, and then they start standing up by holding onto things. Eventually they want to walk on their own, but they have to do that in baby steps too before they finally get it right, and then they run.

    It all took one day at a time, and one baby step at a time to get there.

    • Hey Marilyn – long time no see – great hearing from you and thanks for the comment. I think we all have had days that we started out with an agenda and at the end of the day look back and go wow that didn’t go like I planned. Sometimes life just happens and we have to go with the flow and enjoy every moment.

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