Referral vs Affiliate – which are you?

It’s interesting in my years of working online that I have seen many talk about building questions3their list, getting referrals and being an affiliate Marketer. Which type of marketer do you try to add to your downline? Do you know the difference?

The definition of referral is an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review or further action. When you have a product or service you wish to share with others, what reasons do you have to help convince them to join you in the program you are promoting? In other words, you know what is in it for you, but what is in it for those you are trying to refer? Are you giving them access to something they can learn from? Is it an Opportunity you just want them to check out? What action are you wanting your
referral to take?

It is great to share a system that you feel is a good opportunity with others. But you need to also consider what is the purpose of your referral taking action on this opportunity? Are you just asking that they join a site, even if they remain a free Member there? Is this one action taken by your potential downline member or affiliate going to fulfil Your goals in the program?

Ask yourself?
Did I just advertise a page on the chance that someone would see the ad and sign up?
Did I barter with someone in a chat room and tell them I will join one of your sites if you join mine?

Did you offer a bribe (free upgrade, credits and even cash) for them to join your site?  Look at your list and ask yourself where did I get these referrals, how did I get these referrals and did any of them take the action I wanted them to take? I think you will be surprised at your answers when you really think about it.

Now the definition of an affiliate is a person or organization officially attached to a larger anothernumberbody.  Oh I know you are thinking well what does this have to do with marketing – hear me out just a moment longer.

Over the years, while building my Team, I have learned to watch for different things and I also have learned to open the doors of communication with my downline.
Everyone thinks I’m crazy for putting my Skype out there, my email out there, all my social sites out there – well to me that is having a door that people can knock
on and communicate with me.

Yes, there are many marketers online that make good money playing the numbers game and don’t care that many unsubscribe from their list a day as more join and replace them – well I learned quickly, that was not my style.

My style is helping others and I am looking for partners (synonym for affiliate)  I am looking for people would walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  Does that take some work on my part – yes it does but let me tell you it’s worth the extra work!

An Affiliate, to me, is worth their weight in gold and if you are a “go to” person for them 004I054YQm2and are there for them when they need a question answered – you have an Affiliate for life!  One that will follow you, with no questions asked, as they have learned to trust you – you have made them feel they are MORE than a number on your list of referrals.

Once an affiliate has that confidence in YOU, has been taught the benefits, and has learned that they have a person to go to if they have questions or get stuck
(and we all need a boost occasionally)…YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU TOOK THE TIME to work with this affiliate!

Why?  This affiliate will be the one that takes action! They have a blueprint of what they need to do, they have the confidence they need to talk to others, they have been shown how it works and you might even hear – “Wow! This is the first time I have ever earned any money online!” And they will want to repeat that activity over and over again!

So, take a look at your list and would love to hear from you, are they a referral or an affiliate?  AND while you are at it – think about your upline – who did you join under
in a particular program – referral vs affiliate – which are you?

I would love to hear your comments, your thoughts, your opinions as this is how I keep learning – so feel free to share!

Thank you for stopping by!