How to Stay Organized With Your Traffic Exchanges

computercatHere is another one of those questions that I get asked over and over – most that know me also know that I belong to many traffic exchanges (TEs) and I’m going to let the secret out on how to stay organized with your traffic exchanges.

If you have joined many TEs like I have, you have tried spreadsheets, bookmarks and Speed Dial just to name a few I tried to stay organized.  Well did you know there is a site (tool I call it) out there that will show you how many unassigned credits you have at your sites, how many assigned credits you have without logging into all the sites you are a member of.

Now before I let the secret out of the bag let me tell you what else this ONE site/tool does for me.  It also tells me how many banner impressions I have assigned and unassigned.  Yea, it will tell you how many text impressions assigned and unassigned.  Pretty cool, huh?  No more chasing around to the sites to find out – now couldn’t you benefit from a site/tool like this.

fatcatmoneyWell I haven’t told you the best part yet – do you know how much you have earned in commissions on all the TEs you are a member of without chasing around again to see – well  for years I sure didn’t but now I know and I know it by signing into this ONE site/tool.  This site/tool also tells me the payout amounts for each site I have added and yea you can even login from this site/tool (once you have it set up) and do what you need to do. (assign credits, banner impressions, text impressions and even put in a payout request if that is required)

Wouldn’t a site/tool like this be a dream come true and save you soooooooo much time – you can see where you need to surf, where you need assign credits, where you need to request your commissions or know where you NEED to surf all from ONE site/tool.  Ok this site/tool is call TE Command Post.

Shocked you huh?  I know, it did me years ago when I first joined and I know like you – I never took the time to really look the site over as I was too busy chasing around trying to keep up with all the TEs that I was a member of.  One of my BIGGEST MISTAKES!

Now I know most of you surfers know about Commando Surf and the benefits of TECP for that reason but NOW you know the rest of the story.  Believe me it is worth taking the time to sign in and add the TEs referral id and your login info.  Just simply login and click on Traffic Exchanges – you can either start on page one OR just type in the TE that you want to add.  Do you have to join them all – the answer is know – just add the one that you are already a member of – that is the best starting point.

tecp banner

One more tip as there are lot of TEs listed and to narrow the ones down on the pages – on the first page look for this Only show traffic exchanges where I don’t have my referral ID entered.  There is a checkbox by it – you should check that and then the sites that you have entered will not keep showing – AGAIN another awesome benefit of this site/tool.

Ok now you know How to Stay Organized With Your Traffic Exchanges – look forward to seeing you in my downline and if you have any questions just message me.

7 thoughts on “How to Stay Organized With Your Traffic Exchanges

    • You are right Xarah, I had been there for years and I was one chasing all over just to try and keep up with all the sites that I was in
      And on top of it, I have been upgraded in there for years and now that I have retired I have started looking at the benefits of the
      places that I’m upgraded

  1. Good Question Dax …think we all sort of slough on when we join programs. By the time we do the profile, choose a site to enter, where requested, and begin a surf regimen, the idea of coming back gets lost in the upcoming chores and distractions.

    I too belong to TeCommand Post and every day now that I do the surfs there, including zaney – I check my stats and make sure I have the right amts of credits assigned to all the TEs I just surfed.

    You can’t beat that for being up to date and saving valuable time.

    • Well I wish someone had told me about TECP when I first started and not before I had join over 200 TE’s – it would have taken me so long to get it all set up but am soooooooooo glad that I did

  2. Hi Nancy,

    “Do you have to join them all – the answer is know” Was that a pun or a Freudian slip? LOL

    It’s amazing how many people surf right by the splash pages and don’t catch on. This is one site that everyone needs to thoroughly check out when they join and even BEFORE they join! There’s a reason we always get veteran surfers exclaiming that they’ve wanted and waited for a site like this for years! And no site is too large or too small. As long as it’s a manual traffic exchange and can synchronize with the site, it’s allowed.

    Also, TE owners should be very interested in TECP too! This is a great resource for them too. Just ask the owners of the sites that get included in the Commando Surf! Or use it to promote several of their sites at once (with the Commando links). They should also dig deep enough to make sure when they do any changes that it doesn’t break the connection with TE Command Post and their site(s).

    Well, I’ve kinda turned this into an ad, haven’t I? Sorry, but I just love it as a time saving and income generating tool so much. Anyone who knows me knows what a (money AND time) cheapskate I can be! LOL

    Great post Nancy!

    • Thanks for catching that as I must have been getting tired by the time I was writing this as I proofed it – fixed it.

      Well I have been an upgraded member for years and never took the time to actually go thru all the pages and see the benefit of it
      and I think back now sure wish I had before I joined so many TE’s – would not have taken me so long to get it set up – but hey
      it set up now and love watching all the sites updating when I click that button – as I just keep thinking about all the time
      that is saving me – makes me get up and do the happy dance

      And you are right Brian on making pages with the Commando Links – hmmmmmm that would be another good post as I do get lot of
      referral from my pages that I have created and also another time saving and credit saving feature

      AND I appreciate your comment as you are right on all your points that I left our of my post 🙂 Thanks!

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