Points For You To Ponder

Well most of you know well enough by now that I listen and read what others have to say and then I have to share my two cents so I have some points for you to ponder.

Judging others

judgingcat3Way too often I see or hear about other site owners judging others for something they might be trying especially if it’s out of the norm.  And here lately, it’s because this one might be opening too many sites or another might be asking people to pay them directly to their Paypal account to keep from paying commissions and the list goes on and on.

Well I am still old fashioned enough that I still believe in ye without sin cast the first stone – and I just don’t understand how some can put themselves up on this high pedestal – don’t know about you but my mom always told me that being on that pedestal – there is always someone that wants to knock you off.

Just because you have been around the TE World for awhile, or might have more experience programming your own site, or think that you have learned it all – it still does not give you the right to judge others – period.  In my opinion, you should be focusing that time in figuring out how you can make me happy and get the results that I’m looking for.

Set of Rules to Abide By

peteThis one really gets me as I listen to this “set of rules” that some have come up with and that should be followed when running your own site or in your promoting another site.  Last I heard, we are still in a country where I still have the freedom to run my site the way I see so it will benefit my site and the members. Also, I can promote what program I want – or did we lose our freedom?

Now before you go thinking we are protecting others from being screwed over – and again who made you judge and jury?  Grant you there are some programs out there that are questionable but I don’t feel I’m qualified to decide which they are – just my opinion is I should be focused on my site and know in my heart what I am doing is legal and morally right period.

Stop straddling the fence. Again it’s these same people that talk about others yet do the same behind the scenes and I see that all the time.  How can a person preach one thing and then do the same thing they are saying others should not be doing.  How can a person put down another person for trying it their way and then publically be put down them for it BUT yet keep taking that persons money for an upgrade at their site?


Who wrote the cheaters handbook?  What or who is a cheater?  When should a person be suspended?  AND if you suspend the cheaters, do they still count the that total member total that you brag about? What happened to being innocent until proven guilty?  Did that go by the wayside also?

judgingcatGrant you there are many cheaters out there and yes they should be stopped but the ones that point fingers really should look at the 3 pointing back at them.  Do you really do everything by the book?  Do you not find shortcuts that shouldn’t be used?  Do you not make deals with others behind the scene?  So who is cheating really?  Think about that the next time you make a deal with someone – who are you cheating out of their commissions?

Lifetime Upgrades

Well this one could be a post in itself as I have really caught hell (excuse my English) that I didn’t put out one of those cheap lifetimes on the mailer that I just launched.  Well Just my opinion, lifetimes are just fast money for an owner.  If the owner was serious about their sites, plan on being around for the long haul then there are expenses that go with it.

Lot of owners get in trouble offering these cheap lifetimes and then wonder why they can’t pay the commissions.  When a lifetime is offered and a person is getting 50 % commissions – you just took in 1/2 the money your should and you cut that recurring income out by offering that lifetime.

AND don’t go and make some low upgrade that is just a few credits above what free members get and put the word lifetime on it.  Come on we are not that stupid that we are going to buy that crap – just so we can say we have a lifetime at your site.  AND yes that does happen – people have been brain washed with that word lifetime.  It’s a trigger word just like free, discount, sale, etc.  Make sure that you read the fine print before you buy and that site owner laughs all the way to the bank.

60728294946944041_qNywDCq7_bWell I see that I got long winded again but feel better that got some things off my chest.  If you are looking for an honest, hard working owner, they are out there.  Don’t get caught up in the crap you read or hear about others.  The bottom line is TRACK YOUR RESULTS – this will show you the true facts about sites and where you should be with your advertising.  What works for someone else not always works for you – you have to take the time and find out what works for YOU.

33 thoughts on “Points For You To Ponder

  1. Wow….some think they are the site police ( site Nazi’s)…..lololol
    Good points to ponder Nancy. You said what needed to be said. Good stuff for real. Keep it comin’


  2. Wow Nancy, very valid points you put here.
    I agree with everything your saying which brings me to realize my TE is not very well managed.. obviosly my self to blaim. Made me open my eyes which i guess is the purpose of your post here.
    Well done Nancy… keep’em coming
    Your friend – Goran

    • Yes I am hoping to open eyes and get people back to focus on why they are here in the first place. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Great post, at first I thought it was going to be more of a self improvement type of post and then when I read further and noted your qualms about Traffic Exchanges, I was hooked… I am one of those TE owners like you who really does give a dang about their members and the experience they get when using our programs. Keep up the good work and great content,

    ~Mark Edward Brown
    Proud Owner of TrafficDynamite

    • Thanks and there are owners that are but there are also some that the numbers mean more to them it seems – I don’t want my members feeling like a number – it has been a turn off for me over the years – I want to be spoiled and pampered and made to feel special while I working hard surfing the site.

  4. Nice post, Nancy. As Colonel Jessup would say, “I run my unit the way I run my unit, so don’t think you can come down here, flash a badge, and make me nervous.”

    • Well stated Randy – it’s not easy sometimes but some just forget that members lurk Skype rooms, chats rooms so we really have to be careful how we present ourselves.

  5. great post nancy with a lot of very true statements I have always believed honesty is the best policy and it is getting harder and harder to find the truly honest ones

  6. You made some excellent points here Nancy, and yes I feel that many members are brainwashed in believing lifetime is the way to go with out realizing it makes for a unstable site that will not last long. Yes everyone wants to make money, but if a site has no stable income then no one will make money and the site will soon die.

    Why criticize other owners for trying new things, all we want is to have a successful site with happy members. I for one am always trying new things, some work some don’t but we will never know if we don’t try.

    Lets all stop acting like robots, there are real people behind the scenes of every site on the internet. With real feelings that do get hurt by others criticism.
    Why not spend more time helping each other? We will all be better off in the long run.

  7. I take great offense to your post Nancy for more reasons than I can state here.

    Many of us who have been in this business a long time have seen the deterioration of TEs over the years due to many of the things you listed above.
    And yes, some of us speak out because we are tired of bad owners and bad business strategies that give TEs a bad name. We speak out because we CARE about the business and our members. The last thing we want is our members getting sucked into sites with non-paying owners or owners that create all kinds of hurdles to getting paid when there are some excellent owners out there that DO pay every single week without putting up all kinds of road blocks. We want members to support the GOOD owners in this business.

    As for your comment about cheaters, let me tell you something. I have worked my butt off over the years honing my skills at catching cheaters. I have been trained by the best owners in the business and I continue to research and learn exactly how a person cheats. I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY…it’s what I do for a living. I have spent countless hours trying to pass on my knowledge to other owners to HELP them….and I have done this for FREE without asking anything in return (even though I could easily charge for this training), other than to please suspend those cheaters because they are stealing from the members. And some other owners that actually give a damn about cheaters collaborate with me in helping to find them so they can be stopped. We keep records of every cheater we find with notes on HOW they are cheating. So please don’t preach about being “innocent until proven guilty”. You have no idea how much time we spend doing this.

    Oh and speaking of pedestals. There are some much more knowledgeable, much more experienced people in this biz that do not call themselves “coach” or “mentor”, even though they would certainly deserve the title. Just another “point to ponder”.

  8. Nancy I am so proud of you for sayin things that needed to be said for a good long while…. I have been an owner for goin on 2 years so am I have been around here for a while…I am in quite a few Skype rooms n go to most webinars … there are very few rooms r webinars that I ever say a word in…but I watch, read n listen to every word … it has gotten so bad in some of them sayin things bout other ppl and other sites.. I will boot anyone that ever even tryes to do that in my room.. those things IF they even needed to be said needs to be done in a 1 on 1 PM not in a group room where everyone n their dog can see it … I mean even us Texas Rednecks knows better than that … come on guys …n then to point fingers in a public post where everyone n their dogs, wives, n kids can read … If my name had been in some of these places I have been lurkin around watchin in … all I can say is I hope ya have a good lawyer!! … Im just sayin … Good Job Nancy!!!! U Go Girl!!!

    • Thanks Sissy and I agree that some of this needs to stop and people need to think about who maybe lurking and reading what is being said. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Well here is my “Points to Ponder”-
    Everyone has opinions and just as you have expressed yours here, they. or dare I say we, have the right to express ours.
    With every good owner out there, I would venture to guess there are 5 bad ones. How are new members supposed to know the difference?

    Some things need to have attention brought to them. Just as you highlighted the “Lifetime” memberships because you think they are bad. I don’t see any difference in you expressing your opinion on that or someone else expressing their opinion on someone opening too many sites. It is an “Opinion” and the reader or listener can be the judge about whether the information is good or not.

    I am a very opinionated business woman. I love the advertising industry via traffic exchanges and viral mailers. Am I perfect? HECK No. I’ve been called abrasive, annoying, and the mean one. But, I will fight to protect our members and when I see someone cheat our members or potentially hurt the industry, I am going to shout it from the rooftops. If I can save one member from losing valuable time or money, it will be worth it.

    • Thanks for your comment and the point I was getting across who are we to judge who the good one are or the bad ones – we should look out for our members and I do that thru education and yes there are ways of educating with bashing others. I was raised old fashioned enough and was taught if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then don’t say anything. It’s not the person that you should be bashing, it’s the actions that they are doing that should be talked about – JMO

      And yes we are all entitled to our opinions and that is what so great about having your own business as you can run it the way that you want and see fit and should not be put down by others when you want to do or try something different.

      That makes two of us Cathy and I also love what I do and your list is mild compared to what I have been called. But that is ok as I also will continue to let members know what is going on and also protect them BUT I will not play the childish games that are being played in this industry right now

  10. love your blog to me it seems these people are really the guilty ones they judge hypocritically and dont follow there own advice your words are perfect i just love you Nancy your a great woman of Character!!I know some have bashed me hard but i keep on trucking! My Top promoters will tell you i do my best I nominate your for te president as your words are wise and true.It amazes me they make these comments even if your a paid upgraded member in there site what happened to respecting customer after u took there money.They have no class or manners I just ignore those with bad character and do what is right and it seems to work . you will never make everyone happy.but you can make most of them proud. so much can be said but would be a book lol.I just love your great words you got my trust and respect!! Jeff Dionne

    • Thanks Jeff and it’s not easy being an owner or even working online but I still feel like you do and just because we can not physically see people, they are still customers of our business and yes we show some respect for people.

  11. Very nicely written Nancy , ive noticed that on net some make their own rules , we can only hope more people like Nancy will own the sites , but where else can these loosers make what they make like on net and be hidden behind their PCs

    • Thanks Richard and yes there are people out there that have no morals or respect anymore for others but there are also people that maybe a great person but really don’t know how to run a business. The have never been taught how to manage money and it’s easy to get caught up in the new launches and think that is how the money is going to keep flowing. BUT in reality after the new wears off, it’s not like that. Most have set their budget (if they have one) on the initial money that came in and then wonder why they run into problems down the road.

  12. Hmmmm… quite a wide ranging condemnation. 🙂 Let’s see – I should stop straddling the fence, but should not say anything about anything. I should spend my time making Nancy happy – wrote note to myself. I should keep it a secret that an owner is ripping off members by not paying commissions. I should not speak about my 15 years experience in the TE work – cause it means nothing. Lets see, I shall not talk about cheaters to others – cause cheating should not be any of my business.
    I should not buy lifetimes. AND please never talk about our explosive growth of Tezak Traffic Power cause that reflects badly to some. WOW! that is quite a list of ‘Thou Shall Nots’. All have been noted and written down. Thanks!

    • Tony I applaud the owners that let me know if I am getting ripped off. I don’t know a lot about TEs and some honest owners have been around for a while and I like how they look after their members.

      If someone is being ripped off it is wrong for a owner not to say anything.

      I will stay with the honest owners that protect me.

      I agree with you Tony,

      Lady V

      • Thanks Lady V and there are lot of honest owners out there and again I did not mention no names in this post – what I was hoping is for more people to be educated about what goes on in TEland WITHOUT the bashing of other – just that simple

  13. Hi! Nancy,
    I have taken the time to read this blog post and the comments made here.

    In making a response/comment, I found that I had to actually look up the words “opinion” and “judgement” to remind myself what those words actually mean.
    According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online here is what I found:
    opinion-used as a noun- means a belief, judgement, or a way of thinking about something…
    judgement-used as a noun-means-an opinion or decision that is based on careful thought

    What I personally understand from those two words and their definitions is that having an opinion or making a judgement are pretty much the same thing.

    When you have an opinion, it doesn’t mean you are right or wrong, it only means you have used your personal thought process to reach a conclusion based on your belief system.

    So, in my pondering, I question whether or not it is right for anyone to express their opinion?

    In my very humble opinion based on my personal beliefs, I am happy to listen to everyone’s opinion on topics that are of interest to me both personally and professionally.

    Everyone’s opinion is their own “judgement call”, if you will, based on their personal belief system and yes! we ALL have the right to express our opinions!

    Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion, Nancy!

    • Thanks Patti for letting us know the difference in opinion and judgement – very interesting and yes you are right everyone has on and it’s great to be able to express them.

  14. It’s disgusting seeing new owners who know nothing about a TE or how to run one or even old owners who just let cheaters run wild on their exchanges. Granted a certain group that used to preach tracking is everything now say branding is everything. Why? most likely because if you track their traffic you’ll see your not getting the 1,000 hits you pay for you’d be lucky to get half that.

    This constant garbage coming out and calling themselves a TE are no longer TE’s they are paid to views and just total junk. It’s because of this I stopped helping many new people because most just don’t care and supporting competition sites of mine because they don’t hold a high standard. (Which your right is totally up to the owner) But don’t expect me to put my rep on the line and say anything good about a site when I see constant cheaters I have banned on my own sites. Or give people $2 to sign up and then trick them into having to promote their ass off or surf their ass off to reach the $10 threshold. IT’S POOR BUSINESS and I wont ever support teaching people to waste their time doing that.

    Surf 4 hours a day to make $1 maybe wont even pay the power bill to power the pc they are surfing on. Do you really think people surfing for $1 are at all interested in joining let alone buying anything. Its become an industry of giving for nothing just to beat out competition which is why do me TE’s are now PTV’s (Paid to views) and TE’s.

    Instead I will teach my members the ways that used to work and still work back in older days where conversions mattered and making sales mattered.

    • Great Comment Sean and thanks and you are so right about TE’s have become a paid to view and that is shame. Instead I will teach my members the ways that used to work and still work back in older days where conversions mattered and making sales mattered. – this is excellent comment and so many owners do NOT take the time to help their members as they have forgotten what it was like when they started.

  15. I don’t think I have seen the so called Rule Book, but I would like to read it. I have however listened to others opinions and comments about how they run their sites and the guidelines they set for themselves and their business. Thanks goodness for that, because it is those opinions and recommendations that I chose how I wanted to run my site. If no one ever spoke about the business, I would have never bought a traffic exchange in the first place. And least of all knew what I was doing.

    You are going to have bad recommendations and good ones. From those you will determine how you will run your business. Thank goodness for those that speak up and give their opinions…

    Because from speaking up, I can determine how a business is being run… and if someones traffic exchange isn’t being run properly or cheaters are allowed to run rampant, why would I want to do business there? And if it’s happening somewhere, someone please tell me.

    Like it or not, the success of a business comes mainly from reputation and recommendations.

    This comes from people talking, even if you don’t always like what they have to say.

    • Well I agree Marcy, I have not seen that book either but what I find interesting is that on one hand we tell new site owners to be different, try new things etc. and when some do they get put down and are told that is not the norm. I just heard this from a site owner last nite actually as she is trying something new with her site and for all the positives she has gotten – she has gotten just as many negatives.

      Giving opinions about a site, their practices etc. can be done in a more business like manor vs. what I have been seeing and that is the point that I was trying to get across. Thanks for your comment.

  16. I agree with Jackie and Cathy. Cathy goes out of her way to protect her members and I am proud to be a Member on her sites. Jackie does great work and so many people ask her for her advice.

    Lady V

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