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364806082Well, I am a member of many, many (sometimes too many) sites and I have to say I have never seen a site like this before and am sure you have not either unless you are already a member – it’s call Viral Commissions.

Viral Commissions is a viral system delivering free banner ads and text ads and paying out instant commissions – yea I said instant – crazy huh?  When you sign up there are multiple offers that a person can choose from.  Depending on those offers will determine how much you get your instant payments.

Once inside, you fill out your profile including your Paypal addy and then promote, promote, promote and watch your instant payments start coming in.  I wound up taking money that I earned from another site I’m in and took the chance and went for the founding member right away.

Well are you setting down, I made that back in instant payments within ONE day – yea you heard me right ONE day.  All I did was send out a few emails to my list and $11, $27 and even one $97 started coming in – I’m telling you I have never seen a program work like this and so fast.

60728294946944041_qNywDCq7_bWe all know the name of the game is getting your ads out in rotation in as many places as possible.   So how do you do that without breaking your budget or slaving for hours clicking for credits?

Just add a little bit of VIRAL advertising to the mix and watch your hit counter soar! But that’s not the only thing that’s got me excited about Viral Commissions…   I earn INSTANT commissions directly to my Paypal every time one of my new  referrals upgrades!  How’s that for a quick fix to your cash flow problems?

Don’t moan about not having enough traffic or commissions! Join me over at Viral Commissions now and put the power of viral to work for YOU!

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