Bribe and Gifting

In the Affiliate Funnel webinar a couple weeks ago, Marci Jones talked about how people love bribes and well got me thinking and thought I’d write a post about what is running thru my mind.

offers2Remember when you first started and how you didn’t know where to start, how to start – well wouldn’t it have been nice if your upline had helped you out by gifting you some credits to get started.

Think about it if you have a site that is your favorite, you are getting results, you are earning mooooolah – wouldn’t it be in your interest to get your referrals doing the same thing.

Most of you that have your favorite sites have sooooooo many credits and they are just sitting there and you just keep surfing the site – why not use those credits and bribe more people to join under you – then reward them even more by gifting the more credits when they upgrade.

helping you learn and earnIsn’t that a win-win for YOU and your referral.  Most of the time you are already an upgraded member and some of you are lifetimers at some of your favorites sites.  This is great for YOU as you will earn commissions and you will more than likely get a referral that will join under you at another site also.

Oh I see those wheels spinning – do you know how happy your new referral would be if because of YOU gifting them credits got them their first referral or earned them their first money online.  I know you remember how exciting it was for you when that happened to you – come on and help make that happen for someone else.

If you don’t see that offered at your favorite site, then contact the owner as I’m sure they will help you make this happen.  Now go and make someones day.

12 thoughts on “Bribe and Gifting

  1. Oh that’s a very idea Nancy and that would a good way to get referrals to some of te’s you belong to that you don’t have any referrals for. I noticed Shielda Wheaton does for her Mailers that she advertises for, lol.

  2. Good post in respect to the idea. However, two things I think apply here. 1. Don’t give credits to a new person who has not activated. Credits should be an award for an accomplishment.

    2. Be very careful not to bribe a subscriber to take an action. It can be seen as ‘buying’ your subscriber that upgrade or position and cause you your membership.

    The ‘gifting’ side seems to be the better way both legally, in accordance with TOS and for getting your person to continually surf, earn and promote.

    A few thoughts in support of your post.

    Fran Klasinski

  3. lol… So, people are finally coming around to my way of thinking. I have been using bribery for years in my marketing to get people to either join a downline or to actually do something once they do join. I almost always send a note to new downline members with credits to get them started.

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