8 thoughts on “Hackers are on the rampage

  1. Thank you so very much Nancy for all the info you have given out…. This has been a really trying time for me having my skype, 1 of my gmail accounts n my yahoo messanger all hacked at the same time … luckly i got all but my skype back… … so please guys take care n watch your accounts closely… make sure ya have extremely strong passwords n anthing ya can do to keep all your accounts safe from these hackers … they are everywhere.
    sissy n dobie

  2. I just thought I would pint out that skype accounts are never hacked, they are cracked. Crackers and skript kiddies do these types of things, not hackers. This is why there is a vast spike in how often it occurs around holidays and summer vacations – because it is mostly kids and people in third world countries who do these things.

    Real hackers wouldn’t risk something so stupid. Those payment processor addresses, can be tracked. The last things hackers want are police at their front door. You will never hear of any member of the group known as anonymous cracking into a skype account. They have bigger and better things to do. Hell these guys are known to publically RELEASE credit card numbers, account passwords and the likes – they are not known for stealing credit card and using them in secret or scamming people.

    Hackers are the guys on the onion, the hidden web, the dark web, whatever you want to call it. They are free thinkers and stand against censorship, tyranny, and the likes. They hack and expose corruption. They hack to learn. They are generally not children.

    • Well thanks for the comments and clearing all that up and hope I didn’t offend any hackers by assuming that they were the ones doing all this. Now I know that they should be called Crackers

  3. Thanks Nancy and Hi Sissy.
    Sissy, we miss you on Skype! Skype me juliewolf with your new Skype account. You CAN get your Skype back and its the only right thingk to do. Skype WILL block your account kicking the hacker out if you persist! and thos e of us on the Hackbusters Skype room are all doing what nancy suggested, we cna also insist that Skype block your account kicjubg the hacker out temporarily. the only permanant solution if to get your Skype back! Keep trying. And also use this Presntation I made to make sure you have done all you can, both for now and the future: http://skypechat.net/skypehacksafety&recovery (this is Publicly visable on aGoogle Drive, so share it with every one.

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